At Kairos Pest Control we strive to provide the best possible service, while being honest, professional and efficient with every customer. We will serve the environment and the community responsibly, while providing quality service.


Our vision is to be recognized as a pest control company that will serve every customer with the quality service they deserve, while building relationships that last.

The Kairos Way

At Kairos we value every customer and potential relationship to the utmost. With extensive
experience in the pest control industry, we can confidently say our expertise and methods can help with your pest needs. What is the  Kairos way? The Kairos way is a 3 step method (Inspect,Perform,Protect) we have
implemented, that will surely bring results to your Pest needs.

INSPECT: Upon arriving at your property/commercial establishment, we will perform a thorough inspection, to identify any areas vulnerable to pest entry, and will assess any current problems involving pest activity. We will also inform you of any conducive conditions that could pose as a source for pest.

PERFORM: At Kairos, INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (an environmentally friendly, common sense approach to controlling pests) is top priority, that's why we will develop a unique program that fits your needs to ensure your property/commercial establishment is protected from pest year round. With options such as residual protection,baiting and organic solutions, our expertise and work ethic will make all our treatments Pet & Home friendly, insuring no negative impacts.

PROTECT: Effective pest management is a process , not a one time event, that's why we offer
affordable Pest Control plans to ensure your property/commercial establishment is protected from pest activity year round.

Our desire is not only to help you with all your pest needs, but to build relationships that last. Why Kairos? Because our commitment is to serve you with excellence in every way we can, while bringing effective results.

Give us the opportunity & we will