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Spiders & Silverfish : What you need to know

Spiders and silverfish are very different and require completely different methods of control. Spiders actually hunt silverfish as a source of food, the habits and behaviors of spiders and silverfish are very different.

Basic biology


Female spiders produce an egg sac rather than individual eggs, from this sac spider-lings emerge. These spider-lings then go through a serious of molts where they become full adults.

Male spiders of many species will court the female, this is usually a dangerous process for the male as most times after courting the male becomes food for the female.


Male silverfish will perform a dance before they are able to mate with a female silverfish. The male silverfish lays spermatophores which are then taken in by the ovipositor found in the female. Depending on the species the female will lay several eggs a day or lay egg clusters ranging from 2 to 20 eggs.

Identifying the problem & Control


  • Entry - Spiders can enter your home in many ways, through poorly screened doors or windows, as well as boxes or other objects they may have hid away in.
  • Poisonous - Spiders are known for the toxins they produce to hunt and eat their prey, there is only two species in the us that are dangerous to humans, but spider toxins have different affects on people and can be painful.
  • Hunting - Spiders will usually enter your home in the search for prey. they may spin a web or construct other traps, these may be a sign of a spiders living in your home.


  • Destructive - Silverfish are known for their destructive behavior, they eat carbohydrates or starches, they are attracted to damp paper or clothes and constantly search for food.
  • Humidity - Silverfish can survive in most places but prefer to live in dark damp environments, that is why its important to keep your home or areas of your home from being to humid as it attracts creatures such as silverfish.