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Mosquitoes : What you need to know

Mosquitoes can become a real annoyance because of their constant stinging and buzzing, as well as a threat if they carry dangerous pathogens inside them.

Basic Biology

The Mosquito life cycle is comprised of four stages

  • Egg
  • Larval
  • Pupal
  • Adult

They spend their initial lives in standing water until the adult stage where they then fly. There are male and female mosquitoes, females are the ones that consume blood and lay the eggs, depending on the species may lay hundreds of eggs at once. The males do not feed on blood, and have "hairy" antenna that are used to find females. Males are usually smaller and live shorter lives.

Identifying the problem & Control

To properly deal with mosquitoes, continuous treatment is required throughout the year as well as preventive measures to ensure they have less breeding grounds available to them. 

  • Diseases - Because mosquitoes consume blood, they can become carries for pathogens that are dangerous to humans and may infect people easily if there is a large infestation.
  • Stinging - Female mosquitoes consume blood to help the development of her eggs, so she constantly seeks out hosts to feed on and the affects of stinging range from person to person. Some may experience little to no irritation while others will suffer from intense inflammation. 
  • Standing water - Any place there may be standing water is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes can lay up to hundreds of eggs in places with standing water and become a home for new mosquitoes. Its is important to maintain areas from pooling water around your home to reduce mosquito population.